I may not shoot weddings anymore, but not much has changed: Like love, I believe every brand is a reflection of the passionate, imperfect humans behind it. The ones who are persistent and unapologetic in their pursuits. And I’m here to capture that energy in their photography.

I founded my photography studio back in 2010, shooting weddings—because I wanted to reflect the beauty and humanity of relationships back to my couples. I wanted to hold up a mirror to their love. I wanted them to remember what that love feels like, again and again and again.

Embodying you in your brand

About the studio


My name is Tegan, and I hail from British Columbia’s Garden City, Victoria. I’m a wife, mama to two littles, and karaoke star. (Just ask me the lyrics to any song.) You could say my story starts at 12 when my dad gifted me a film camera that would forever be found in hand and heart.


When I got my start in the publishing industry at 22, our in-house photographer inspired me to do something with that camera. So, I answered the call and enrolled in photography school in Alberta. And I’m so grateful I did because it was the beginning of the career I so love.


It led me back to the West Coast to work in Vancouver’s film industry for nine years before catching a ferry to Vancouver Island to start a family—and take photography full-time. It’s been 12 years, and I’m still in love with photography, my heart-led clients and their businesses—yours included.

A West Coast girl with a camera in hand

meet Tegan


It started during one global pandemic: Stuck at home, I got my kiddos in front of the lens. And what transpired made me laugh until my cheeks hurt: Their silly, uncensored selves. And so, The Littles Project was born. A passion project to capture the big personalities of our littlest loves.

Meet my littlest passion project


A born-and-raised West Coast girl, I’m always near (or in) the water.

My winters are spent on the slopes, and I’m raising my kids to be little shredders.

I always have Spotify playing while I shoot. (Fleetwood Mac is a go-to.)

I know the lyrics to virtually every song ever written. Try me.



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