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I’m a big believer in getting your photos off the computer screen and into your hands.  Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed, not burned on a disc that may end up sitting forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that most of my clients are looking to get their digital photos on a disc.  Maybe you plan to print them at your own leisure, share them on facebook or through email, etc.  I certainly hope that you do.  But I just don’t feel completely ok with handing over a plain old disc after the wedding is said and done.  It seems anticlimactic and kind of impersonal, which is not the way I want you to feel about receiving your photos.

So I thought I’d share some examples of my spin on your digital photos.  While I do offer a wedding disc containing your high-resolution files, it comes in a custom made DVD package.  Have a looksie below to see what I’m talking about.

A sturdy protective jacket contains your package, and your names are hot-stamped in foil on the front.  Out slides a hard cover book, which contains a smaller mini-album and your disc(s).

The mini-album is a 6 page lay-flat style made of stiff pages – perfect for full spread photos.  It slides into a sleeve on the left side of the booklet.

Your disc(s) are nestled into their own home, and protected by a thin transparent paper built into the booklet.

Just a little way to help you get your photos in a tangible form.  The DVD package also serves as a great baseline for how your photos are supposed to look, if you plan on having your printing done elsewhere.

Please get in touch if you’d like more info or to see some samples in person!

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