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Documentary Newborn Photography | Victoria, BC

I’ve mentioned before that I love the personal intimacy that shines through when photographing baby’s first few days at home.  We can quickly incorporate little meaningful details, like a handmade knit blanket for baby, artwork in the nursery, or even a visiting Grandma!, all without the hassles of packing up your new little family to shoot elsewhere.  Baby William’s first photo session happened to be on one of the darkest, most miserable days of the year so far, but I think we managed to capture the love & joy that filled his home when he was just 7 days old. :)

I also had the pleasure of documenting his parents’ maternity session just a few weeks before – such a treat to follow along through my clients’ happiest days!

Here are a few favourites from William’s newborn photos… I love his progression from alert & aware to cuddley little sleepyhead.  So sweet.

TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer001TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer002TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer004TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer005TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer006TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer008TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer009TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer010TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer007TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer011TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer012TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer013TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer014TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer015TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer016TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer017TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer018TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer019TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer020TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer021TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer022TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer023TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer024TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer025TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer026TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer027TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer028TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer029TeganMcMartin_Victoria-newborn-photographer030For more in-home newborn photos, check out these posts: Miles & Cole!

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Victoria Family Photographer | On Location Portraits

So my little guy just turned ONE a couple of weeks ago.  What?!  It’s true what they say – that year went by so fast!

Watching him change & grow every day makes me realize how important it is to capture these moments.  His toothy little grin, the “learning-how-to-walk” bruises, the smooshed food behind the ears, all of it.  Getting out the camera (and getting in front of it) isn’t always easy or convenient, but what is created when I do make the effort is always so worth it.  So let this be a gentle reminder to pick up your camera (not your iPhone!) and snap some memories of how your kids are exploring their world these days.  Or better yet, give me a shout, and let’s create some beautiful photos with you AND your kids.  Ones that will make you feel all warm & fuzzy as you walk past them hanging on your walls ;)

Which brings me to this lovely family.  They have been in front of my camera a few times now, for their beachy maternity session, and also for Elliot’s very first family photo session.  I love being able to watch him grow up & to see the joy he brings his amazing Mom & Dad.  Seriously… that little face! Crazy cute.  Here are a few favourites from our most recent shoot together.


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Victoria Maternity Photography | Jen & Geoff (& Kate)

Maternity sessions are one of my most favourite things to photograph.  I love the calm, quiet feeling of those weeks leading up to baby’s arrival and it is always so inspiring to document that time in photos.  Definitely a contrast to the busy days (& nights!) of life with a newborn!

When Jen first contacted me for her & Geoff’s maternity session, she wondered if she could include her sister, Kate, who was also pregnant. Obviously I was more than happy to include Kate, and was so excited to learn that the mamas were due only a week apart!  How special to have that shared experience with someone who is so close to you.  Such a time should most certainly be captured & remembered.

We decided on a very west coast feel for the photographs, and took the session down to beach.  Few places convey that mama-at-peace feel better than the ocean… take a look at these past beachside maternity shoots, herehere, and here for more inspiration :)

Below are a few favourites from Jen, Geoff, & Kate’s maternity photos.


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2015 Year in Review | Victoria Photographer

2015, you were completely amazing.

2015 marked a huge time for me on a personal level… in addition to moving back to my hometown of Victoria this past summer, we also welcomed our sweet little man almost exactly a year ago.  That beautiful experience, as well as every day that has passed with him since then, continues to colour the way I see the world.  The simplest way I can explain this new motherhood outlook is that there’s more love now… it seeps into tiny daily interactions; it connects and unites.  It’s empathy & understanding.

Time has also taken on a different feel… moments are simultaneously fleeting and yet carry so much weight.  I am even more grateful for the ability to preserve these moments in photographs, to freeze them and hold them close.  I’ve always wanted to do that for my clients, to show them how beautiful their own fleeting moments are and help to hold on to them.  I feel I accomplished this in 2015 and I am so happy to have had that chance.

So thank you.  Thank you for getting in front of my camera and allowing me to preserve your moments.  Be they pivotal life moments- like your wedding, a pregnancy, a new baby; or quieter moments- a morning with your kids at the park, a swim with your love in the ocean; they are all beautiful and precious.  It has been my pleasure to capture them for you.

Below is a little collection of highlights from the year… some have appeared here before, some have not.  The process of going through a year’s worth of work is slow and sweet… I love revisiting these faces and feelings.  I hope you will too.  xo


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“Rock the Dress” | Day-After Wedding Photography in Vancouver

So what do you do when you’re torn between portrait locations for your wedding?  Maybe there’s a certain gorgeous place that means a lot to you, but it’s just impractical to get to on the day-of?

Easy!! You schedule a day-after Rock the Dress portrait session, of course!

Alanna & Josh’s wedding was at Whonnock Lake Centre, which was just too far from their beloved Stave Lake for their wedding day portraits.  So we decided to do this awesome Rock the Dress session there the very next day.  This is where Josh will often head out with his mud truck to go play… in the mud!

Being new to the whole mud truck scene, this was such an awesome shoot for me to do… I love the juxtaposition of beautiful Alanna in her blush wedding dress against their gritty truck in the mud flats.  So lucky to have clients who are up for doing these creative sessions!  Especially love that Alanna & Josh chose to document their love of Stave Lake & the outdoors in general in such a fun way.  Here are a few favourite shots from our fashion-inspired Rock the Dress day.


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  • Christina - What a quirky fun post and a great collection of images. I love the soft tones and how you integrated the scenery and the challenge of moving around through the elements in such a beautiful way.ReplyCancel