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Happy Holidays!

Ahh the holiday family portrait tradition.  Just a few from our blooper reel this year!


Thank you so much to all my clients & friends for your support through 2015 – probably my most favourite year ever :)

Wishing you a great holiday season filled with lots of family time, yummy meals, warm fires, and boozy beverages!

See you in 2016!  xo

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Victoria Fall Mini Sessions!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope you are getting your fill of turkey and family time this weekend :)

To celebrate the arrival of Fall & sweater weather, I’m once again offering Mini Sessions – this time in Victoria! These are perfect sessions for families, little ones, maternity, and couples. They are quick, easy, casual, and fun… and good timing to get updated photos in time for the holidays!

Still spaces available for October 18th and 25th. Shoot me an email asap to reserve your time slot! xo

2015 Fall Mini Sessions

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Victoria Bound


To all my awesome lower mainland clients & friends…  We are finally making the move back to my hometown and we couldn’t be more excited!

While I’ll miss all the of the fabulous people I’ve met & forged friendships with here, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with “home”.  Those of you who know me well know that my heart has always remained on the Island – this move has been a long time coming!  I can’t wait to rediscover the little city I left over a decade ago & to meet new clients and friends there.

If you’re considering getting married in Victoria or on Vancouver Island or are interested in a portrait session with your family there, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I will also be taking on Vancouver weddings on a case by case basis.

Thank you so much to everyone in Vancouver who has played a part in my business – I’m forever grateful to you!  xo

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Best of 2014 | Vancouver Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Last day of an amazing year today.  On the personal side of things, I celebrated one year as a married woman this year, and am preparing to meet a new addition to our family in just a few days’ time!!  We absolutely cannot wait to become parents :)

This pregnancy has led to a slightly less hectic business year than 2013… I learned to accept that as exactly what my body & mind needed these past few months.  While I concentrated on more portrait sessions than weddings this year, I did have the privilege to second shoot for a number of other fabulous wedding photographers and loved doing so.  Those weddings won’t be included here, but a few highlights from them might crop up in the New Year.  For now, I’ve collected just a smattering of my favourite shots from 2014… a small sample of moments that spoke to me throughout a year’s worth of work.

I hope 2014 was good to you, and that the coming year proves to be full of love and happiness.  A huge thanks to all of my clients and everyone I had the pleasure of working with this year!  Here’s to 2015 and all that it brings! xoTegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography001Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography002Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography003Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography006Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography033Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography007Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography008Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography009Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography010Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography011Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography012Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography013Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography014Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography015Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography016Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography017Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography018Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography019Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography020Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography021Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography022Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography023Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography024Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography026Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography025Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography027Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography028Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography029Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography030Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography031Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography032Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography034Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography035Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography036Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography037Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography038Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography039Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography040Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography041Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography042Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography043Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography044Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography045Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography046Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography047Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography048Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography049Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography050Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography051Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography052Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography053Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography054Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography055Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography056Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography057Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography058Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography059Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography060Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography061Tegan_McMartin_Vancouver_Wedding_Photography062

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Sample Wedding Album | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Sample Wedding Album Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Having just sent the designs off for my own wedding album to be printed (!), I thought now would be great time to share a few photos of a recent clients’ wedding album.  ;)

I truly believe that photos are meant to be preserved and shared, and a wedding album is one of the absolute best ways to do so.  There is nothing like the feeling of taking a book into your hands and reliving memories with loved ones… something that just doesn’t happen with a disc full of images.  While digital copies of your photos may be important to you, the real value is in what those digital photos become.  What good are they sitting on a hard drive if no one can see them?  Who’s to say that that DVD of images will even be readable 10 years down the road?  Will we even be using that technology by then?  Albums, however, will be accessible forever.

After a few trial runs with different companies, I have decided on these beautiful Canadian made albums for my clients.

Wedding album Tegan McMartin Vancouver wedding photographer

They are available with your choice of cover, from photo canvas, genuine leather, leatherette, to the one featured here – Japanese bookcloth.  Many colours are available in each material as well.

custom wedding album, vancouver wedding photographercustom wedding album, vancouver wedding photographer

The standard page number is 15 spreads (30 pages), but more can be added depending on your wedding story.  Each page is a print produced on archival Fuji Professional Lustre paper, which is then coated to offer protection from wear.  The prints are mounted onto thick core pages and bound into a custom layflat album.  All layouts are custom designed by yours truly.

wedding album, vancouver wedding photographerwedding album, vancouver wedding photographer

Embossing is standard – shown here is a subtle blind emboss, which can also be hot stamped with gold, silver, or black foil if you prefer.

wedding album, vancouver wedding photographer

I’m really happy with these products and hope you will be too!  Please get in touch if you’d like to view some samples in person and learn about the options available for your custom wedding album. :)


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