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A couple of days ago I posted a few wedding highlights of 2016… now it’s time to feature the best of 2016’s portrait sessions!

I love the one-on-one, intimate nature of a portrait – with no typical wedding day time constraints or expectations, we are free to relax & focus on drawing out those authentic moments & emotions between you and your loved ones.  No pressure.  No rush.

2016 brought so many beautiful faces and moments my way, and as always, I was honoured to capture these special times in my clients’ lives.  The variety of last year’s portrait sessions ranged from a 1st birthday party, to maternity, newborn, and family portraits, boudoir portraits, to even a few professional headshots… and I loved the challenge of documenting each one as honestly as possible.

To all my portrait clients from last year, thank you for being so open in front of my camera and for allowing me to create these photos for you!  Such a pleasure to work with you all.

And just for fun, I’ve rounded out this post with a self-portrait… to document my own little life milestone before we become a family of 4.  Very soon!  Xo


With 2016 all wrapped up, I wanted to take a look back at a few of my highlights of the year, starting with all the gorgeous weddings I was lucky to be a part of :)  Some of these weddings have appeared on my blog before, while some are just making their first appearance here!

After moving back to the Island in 2015, 2016 marked my first full year of life & work back in Victoria.  Still so happy we made the move over from Vancouver, and thrilled that the wedding industry here has been so warm and welcoming.  It’s never easy relocating your business, and I am very grateful to everyone in Victoria who helped make the transition a smooth one – clients & industry peers alike!

Last year I had the chance to work with some fabulous Island couples, as well as a few equally awesome Vancouver couples at their mainland weddings.  From wineries to churches, golf courses to beaches, there were definitely some beautiful venues and moments to be documented in 2016.  It was a pleasure getting to know all my 2016 wedding clients, and I am looking forward to working with 2017’s ones too!

So without further adieu, here are a few favourites from last year’s weddings :)

Finally, a big thank you to all the vendors I had the pleasure of working with at these weddings! And a special shout out to my awesome second shooters of 2016. Cheers to all of you! Xo


During a family portrait session, my aim is always to capture the true spirit of the people who mean the most to you… especially the kids.  This often means taking a more documentary approach to capturing the connections & relationships between each family member.  These are the authentic moments that can mean so much down the road!

I totally get it when parents come to a session saying, “there’s no way my kids are going to sit still for photos… how are we ever going to get a good portrait of them?!?!”  My philosophy is that sometimes it’s best to just let the kids do their thing.  Let their little personalities shine rather than restricting and limiting them.  Let them play, explore their environment, and show you their discoveries.  Rather than impatient, forced smiles, the moments we can capture are instead full of joy, connectedness, and love.

This particular family wanted to document their youngest’s 1st birthday with just such a photo session.  While the birthday girl was of course the star of the day, it was important to show her relationship with her older sister and parents, too!  I love the resulting mix of both quiet & fun moments that we created together.  Here are few favourites from this natural documentary session. Xo



When I first sat down to chat with Autumn about her wedding day plans, I was immediately taken by her warmth and her candid, open nature.  After just a few minutes together, it felt like we had known each other forever.  Love having that connection with my couples!

She knew she wanted to have a relaxed, lighthearted wedding, surrounded by the people who meant the most to her & Shannon.  The ceremony would be very intimate, and would take place outside at the beautiful Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt.  After making it official, they would join their guests at the Fireside Grill for a casual meal & celebration.  Simple, full of love, and fuss-free.

Autumn had a clear vision for their photos and I was all over it!  The couple preferred a more documentary approach, that captured the feel of the day… candid moments, real emotions, and authentic captures only.  Definitely nothing posed or contrived.  It was as if they could read my mind!

On the day of their wedding, the clouds rolled in with a good wind, but the chill didn’t dampen spirits at all.  There were many tears of joy as Autumn & Shannon exchanged their heartfelt vows and blended their two families into one.  It was an absolute pleasure to document this special day… congrats again to this sweet couple!  xo


Photography: Tegan McMartin Photography

Ceremony venue: Saxe Point Park  |  Reception venue: Fireside Grill

Bride’s dress: Saja from Blush Bridal Boutique

Florals: Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique

Bride’s Hair: Jay Hibbert, Aveda  |  Bride’s makeup: DIY

Ceremony officiant: Linda Nelson, Island Ceremonies


As a photographer, one of the greatest joys of taking part in a couple’s wedding day is seeing how they infuse their own backgrounds and style into their celebration.  I love how this makes each wedding so unique and personal.  And when the couple happens to have a completely romantic story and the most amazing style, you know that wedding is going to be phenomenal!

I first met Patricia and Andy back at Alex & Josh’s wedding in France (you might be able to spot them throwing back a few fresh oysters there!). Immediately I was taken by their warmth & friendliness, and their eagerness to take on any adventure that happened to come their way.  We kept in touch in Vancouver through the years, and when they announced their engagement last year, I couldn’t have been more thrilled for them.  What a sweet compliment to be asked to document their engagement session and wedding day!

Patricia & Andy chose the beautiful Fraser River Lodge for their wedding, being drawn to the wide open fields, mountain vistas, and First Nations artwork at this gorgeous venue.  After their intimate First Look at nearby Harrison Lake, we made our way to the Lodge for the celebrations.  I loved how the bride’s First Nations heritage was honoured in their personalized ceremony, with a special blessing from a family member to welcome the couple & their guests.  There were many tears of joy as Patricia & Andy exchanged their vows, and the emotions just kept on rolling through to the reception with incredibly touching speeches from loved ones!

In addition to being completely moving & emotional, this wedding had major style, thanks to Patricia’s vision and the help of a few fabulous vendors. Everything was perfectly executed by Paige & her team at Spotlight Events, not to mention beautifully decorated by Champagne Dreams.  The bride sourced most of the vintage pieces herself over the course of a year, from the furniture to the whisky lounge & antique gold vases.  The icing on the cake was definitely the gorgeous florals from Floral Design by Lili.  These and the rest of the vendors listed below truly made for the ultimate dream team!

To P&A, I wish you both nothing but continued happiness as you embark on this next adventure together.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your amazing day! xo TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding001TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding002TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding003TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding004TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding005TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding006TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding007TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding008TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding009TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding010TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding011TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding012TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding013TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding014TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding015TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding016TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding017TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding018TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding019TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding020TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding021TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding022TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding023TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding024TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding025TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding026TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding027TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding028TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding029TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding030TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding031TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding032TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding033TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding034TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding035TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding036TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding037TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding038TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding039TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding040TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding041TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding042TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding043TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding044TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding045TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding046TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding047TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding048TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding049TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding050TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding051TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding052TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding053TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding054TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding055TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding056TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding057TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding058TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding059TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding060TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding061TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding062TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding063TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding064TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding065TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding066TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding067TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding068TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding069TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding070TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding071TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding072TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding073TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding074TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding075TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding076TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding077TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding078TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding079TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding080TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding081TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding082TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding083TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding084TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding085TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding086TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding087TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding088TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding089TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding090TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding091TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding092TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding093TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding094TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding095TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding096TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding097TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding098TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding099TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding100TeganMcMartin_Fraser-River_Lodge_Wedding101

Photography: Tegan McMartin Photography | Second photographer: Lisa Patey

Ceremony & reception venue: Fraser River Lodge

Wedding coordinator: Spotlight Events

Florist: Floral Design by Lili

Decor: Champagne Dreams

Hair & makeup: Jasmine Hoffman

Officiant: Bobbi, Young Hip & Married

Harpist: Janelle Nadeau

DJ: Tracey Draper

Catering: Fraser River Lodge | Cake: Family friend

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