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The other day my Dad was rummaging through some old boxes and came across a little album full of his & my mom’s wedding photos.  It was just a simple book with a few prints from the day, taken at least 40-something years ago.  I’d seen these photos before as a kid, but it was so special to hold those memories in my hands once again as an adult.  Their young faces, full of joy & hope, beaming back at the camera; my aunts and grandparents there wishing them well; the oldschool wedding fashions… so amazing to have all of that preserved so perfectly.

This is one of the reasons why I stress how important it is to have your photos printed… consider it a gift to your future generations!  There is nothing like the feeling of flipping through the pages of a beautiful handmade album, or walking past a gorgeous matted print on your wall everyday.  With the rate of change in technology these days, who’s to say that that hard drive full of images will even be around in 5 years’ time?! Digital files are vulnerable; tangible artwork is the best way to ensure your moments are preserved & can be enjoyed for years to come.

With that in mind, I’ve added a couple of gorgeous print products to my offerings recently.  These are available to purchase with any wedding package or portrait session, and are handmade in Canada by my professional lab.  I love the archival quality & the consistency of their photo prints… the images look exactly the way they are meant to, using the best materials for superior results!


These matted prints come ready to display as is, or pop into a frame of your choice.  The prints are mounted & completely sealed within an acid-free archival mat.  Shown here are two 5×7 prints in an 8×10 mat, and the newborn is an 8×10 print in an 11×14 mat.

Another option is this lovely handmade print folio, containing two 5×7 prints in a linen hardcover booklet.  This product is perfect to use as a happy little reminder on your desk or bedside table.


I’d love for you to see these and other samples in person and hold them in your hands.  Please feel free to get in touch to arrange a consult over coffees & cookies! xo

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