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So my little guy just turned ONE a couple of weeks ago.  What?!  It’s true what they say – that year went by so fast!

Watching him change & grow every day makes me realize how important it is to capture these moments.  His toothy little grin, the “learning-how-to-walk” bruises, the smooshed food behind the ears, all of it.  Getting out the camera (and getting in front of it) isn’t always easy or convenient, but what is created when I do make the effort is always so worth it.  So let this be a gentle reminder to pick up your camera (not your iPhone!) and snap some memories of how your kids are exploring their world these days.  Or better yet, give me a shout, and let’s create some beautiful photos with you AND your kids.  Ones that will make you feel all warm & fuzzy as you walk past them hanging on your walls ;)

Which brings me to this lovely family.  They have been in front of my camera a few times now, for their beachy maternity session, and also for Elliot’s very first family photo session.  I love being able to watch him grow up & to see the joy he brings his amazing Mom & Dad.  Seriously… that little face! Crazy cute.  Here are a few favourites from our most recent shoot together.


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