Jemana & Todd’s Intimate Garden Wedding in Vancouver

While I love photographing a big wedding with an awesome party (kinda like this one!), there is definitely a special place in my heart for a smaller, more intimate wedding.  And when your family’s home is like a beautiful garden oasis in the city, I’d say you pretty much HAVE to have your wedding there :)

Jemana & Todd chose to do exactly that, holding their wedding at her parents’ North Vancouver home.  The whole celebration was like a casual garden party, with guests lingering in beautiful pockets around the property.  The gorgeous sprawling garden, lovingly maintained by Jem’s mother, was a perfect background for this couple’s big day.

The one thing you have no control over on your wedding day, of course, is the weather… and the rain decided to make an unwelcome appearance just minutes before the ceremony began.  Jem & Todd’s wedding is a great example of how with the right attitude, rain can’t possibly dampen spirits on such a happy occasion!  My advice – throw up an umbrella, get your photographer to scout some good covered locations, and embrace the unexpected!

Here are a few favourite photos from this sweet intimate garden wedding.

TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer007TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer008TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer001TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer002TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer003TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer004TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer005TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer006TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer009TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer010TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer011TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer012TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer017TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer013TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer014TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer015TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer016TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer018TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer019TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer021TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer022TeganMcMartin_Vancouver-wedding-photographer020Photography: Tegan McMartin Photography

Venue: Bride’s parents’ home, North Vancouver

Florals: Bride & bride’s mother, from her garden

Catering: The Butler Did It | Desserts: Gretchen’s Here and Now

Officiant: Chris Duff

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