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i want your comments!

get those typing fingers flying and leave me some great comments anywhere on my blog for the entire month of december.  i’ll be posting the total amount of comments (and change donated) at the end of the month.  remember, 1 comment = $1.00 donation!  for more info on the greater vancouver food bank society, please click here.  thanks so much for your support!

  • thank you. » Tegan McMartin Photography - […] sincere thanks to everyone who left a comment on my blog during the month of December!  Together we raised $27 in support of the Greater Vancouver Food […]

  • Anne - Just caught the pics of you with Kyle’s fam at the lake…how lovely! Especially like the one of you on the hay…so is that you taking a “roll in the hay”? Don’t answer, I’m your auntie and I don’t want to know :)You’re an amazing photographer T.Anne! xoxo

  • Claire De Boer - What a fabulous idea Tegan! I love your photos – really beautiful – and your site is stunning :-) I know where to go if I need a photographer now!!!

  • dhana - Wow-great idea!Money always gets people moving. we’ll see you for yoga and drinks on Thursday.

  • Suzanne Jolly - Hey stranger,
    It’s been a long time since our high school days, but I’m so impressed by the fact that you’re doing this fundraiser- it got me to spend some time browsing your photography…which is so impressive. Congrats on becoming a really truly beautiful person with some amazing skills :)

  • Emilee - i love this idea!! you’re an amazing photographer AND super generous!!! :)

  • Kailey Michelle Events - So awesome! Great initiative :)

  • Alana - Such a terrific idea!!

  • Jeannine - Woohoo! Great job for doing this :)

  • Melissa - Let’s donate LOTS changes for comment this holiday season!

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