duperron fam | vancouver family photographer

so my other post featuring kyle was really just a warm up for this one… introducing the entire duperron family!  it’s not often that this clan is all together in one place, so we thought we’d take a few moments to create some family portraits.  kyle’s sister, leah, was an excellent coordinator for this session – her suggestion of the matching blue shirts worked out great, even if we did attract some comments and strange stares from passers-by!  you’ll also note a certain photo with an odd “totem-pole” arrangement… this is a re-enactment of a few rather uninspired sears portraits that the family had done a few years ago.  the totem pole has now become sort of an inside joke for this family – i love it!  haha.  thanks again to the “dupes” crew for the great visit and good times.


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  • Peter - Hey nice Duperron pix, Tegan. I like the totem pole pic & think it would be cool to do one with the whole gang. Big, senior guy on top, of course…

  • Cat - Teegy I like the totem pole! Well, maybe it is a bit of a strange pose, but all of these are great- such nice family memories! I noticed though that poor Leah is covered in scrapes… maybe I don’t want to go mtn biking afterall….ReplyCancel